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KiwiAir is a full service helicopter tour, charter, utility and wildlife capture specialist company.

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We specialize in scenic helicopter tours that offer bird's eye views of Hells Canyon,
the “River of the Snake People” and the land the Nez Perce, or Ni Mi’i Puu (“The People”), called home.

The rugged wilderness of the Hells Canyon Recreation Area is truly a spectacular site to see. At its deepest point in the shadows of the Seven Devils Mountains and Hat Rock, the steep, sometimes vertical walls, reach over a mile upward from the Snake River, making this canyon deeper than any other on the North American continent—deeper than the Grand Canyon. Carved over many millennia, layer upon layer of exposed basalt (volcanic) rock stretch horizontally throughout the hundreds of thousands of acres of harsh yet visually stunning terrain. A geological heaven at which to marvel, this is Hells Canyon. And the best way to see more of it ... a helicopter tour by KiwAir!

With tantalizing terrain comes enthralling stories.
From the Palouse and Bitterroot to the Clearwater and Snake Rivers; from the Camas prairies to the Salmon River; from the Wallowa mountains and lakes to the Imnaha and Grande Ronde ... the Nez Perce people have a long and rich history in the Columbia Basalt Basin that reaches back thousands of years. But it is the white flood of explorers, trappers, prospectors, and homesteaders that led to the re-painting of this vast lanscape. Stories of discovery and loss, sadness and joy, controversy and reason, war and peace will challenge, entertain, and reward you. These tales deserve to be told, and we will share some of them with you.

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From the middle of the river to the tops of the canyon rims, our clean, comfortable, and safe helicopters allow you to see more of places that deserve to be seen. And while the view and experience from a bumpy jet boat or bobbing raft my be splendid, the gazillion views and perspectives available from our smooth operating helicopters will leave you breathless and provide an experience to last a lifetime. Simply put, this is the best way see Hells Canyon. You can take in a thousand times more views than if you were traveling by roads and waterways, and in a fraction of the time. The thrill of a helicopter ride and awe of airborne adventure is an experience that one remembers for a lifetime. It encourages further expoloration, and like all good things, you will want to come back for more!

But why stop there?
Outside of Hells Canyon, the land is less rugged but no less beautiful. From the sumptuous and productive rolling hills of the Palouse to the vibrant Camas prairies; from impressive Lower Ganite and Dworshak dams and reservoirs to the free-flowing and pristine Clearwater, Grand Rone, Imnaha, and Salmon rivers; from lands dominated by grass and shrub-like plants to the timber-covered and pine-scented Bitterroot, Blue, Wallowa, and Seven Devils mountains... the helicopter makes all of it accessible.

Wildlife viewing
Wildlife is everywhere, if you know where and when to look. It is not uncommon to spot big horn sheep, elk, deer, and cayotes. If we are lucky, we may even spot a bear or cougar.

More than the gateway to Hells Canyon
The port cities of Lewiston and Clarkston sit at the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater Rivers, just north of where the Idaho, Oregon, and Washington borders meet. KiwiAir is located at the Port of Clarkston, an ideal launch site for serving central and northern Idaho, western Washington, and northwestern Oregon.

While we know that your helicopter tour with us will be the absolute highlight of your visit to our corner of the world, there are plenty of places to visit and activitities to do while in the area.


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Wildlife Capture/Survey
KiwiAir Wildlife Capture
Bringing youth and energy to every job as well as countless years of hands on experience, veterinary training, and 100% accident free capture flying, Owners Blake and Samantha have set the bar high. With a love for animals, their company specializes in working with biologists in the winter months to help study wildlife. Check out our Wildlife Capture page for more information.
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Tours from 15 minutes to over 2 hours
KiwiAir helicopter tours of Hells Canyon, Snake River, Palouse, Imnaha, Lewiston, Clarkston
We have tours to fit your budget. So whether you want to see it all or just experience a helicopter flight over the town, we have a helicopter flight for you. You can also create your own tour! The options are endless.
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Wine Tours
KiwiAir helicopter tours of Hells Canyon, Snake River, Palouse, Imnaha, Lewiston, Clarkston
Leave the flying to us, and we will leave the tasting to you! What better way to spend a summer evening with a helicopter wine tour? Tours run from Spring to Fall. Call us to schedule your flight today!

To all those we flew on our Wine Tour this summer, thank you and we hope to see you next summer

Pilot plus up to three passengers per trip
KiwiAir Hells Canyon Helicopter Tours seats pilot plus three passengers in the Robinson R44Everyone has a window seat, and the flight is yours and yours alone. We do not fill empty seats with people you don't know.
Gift Certificates Available
KiwiAir Hells Canyon helicopter tours gift certificateBirthdays, Anniversaries, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Groundhog's Day, Autumnal Equinox, Winter Solstice ... nothing says Thank You and I Love You more than the gift of flight in a KiwiAir helicopter!
We can record and burn a Video DVD of your trip
KiwiAir Helicopter Hells Canyon tours digitally recored and saved to Video DVDWe have cameras inside the cockpit and on the nose of the helicopter to help record your experience flying in a helicopter with KiwiAir. Relive the adventure with family and friends! Post your video on YouTube.