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The following is information and answers to some of the more common questions people have when flying with KiwiAir. If you need additional information, answers to other questions, or just want to talk to a person about flying with KiwAir, please feel free to contact us.

Policies and Procedures


KiwiAir helicopter tours along basalt rock faces along the Snake River enrout to Hells Canyon.

The KiwiAir helicopter cruises by layers of basalt rock enroute to the heart of Hells Canyon.



KiwiAir is conveniently located at the Port of Clarkston in Clarkston, Washington, near the confluence of the Snake and Clearwater Rivers, just north of where the borders of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington meet.

The clear summers and temperate winter climate of the Lewis-Clark Valley allows us to fly all year round and serve southeast Washington, northeast Oregon, and north-central Idaho.

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KiwiAir location map at port of Clarkston, just north of where Idaho, Oregon, and Washingto meet.

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We strongly encourage all flights to be scheduled in advance so that you can fly at the time you would prefer and that is convenient to your schedule. Walk-ins and same-day bookings are certainly welcome and will be accommodated based on availability.

Rescheduling or cancellation can occur without notice due to inclement weather, helicopter availability, safety of flight, or pilot-in-command authority.

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View from KiwiAir helicopter looking back at Swallows Nest Rock along the Snake River with Clarkston, Washington, and Lewiston, Idaho, in the background.

View of Swallows Nest Rock with Clarkston and Lewiston in the background.


Policies and Procedures

KiwiAir's location in the Lewis-Clark Valley allows us to fly all year 'round. We want you to have a great experience, including having the opportunity to see areas in which we fly. While sunny days offer great flying weather and clear visibility, it is the partly cloudy days that offer a great perspective and a visual depth of colors to the terrain. Also be aware that while rain is sometimes in our forecast, the percipitous clouds have a tendency to navigate around the Lewis-Clark Valley and the northern end of Hells Canyon, making for a visually stunning flight. We certainly want you to enjoy your experience and will make recommendations based on your desires and the current and forecast conditions.

Yes, we fly all year 'round, seven days a week. Normal hours are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. We will definitely fly earlier and later, light permitting. Reservations are appreciated so that we can adjust our schedule to best accommodate yours.

Passengers are welcome to bring their personal belongings on the aircraft as long as they are stored under the seat and are lightweight. Cell phones should be used only for photography during flight. Cameras are allowed.

Everyone has a window seat. The bubbled windows, while great for viewing, are plexi-glass and can be scratched easily. Please be aware of sunglasses, hats, jewelery, zippers, and cameras and do not rest these objects against the windows so that the next passengers will have as good of a view as you do.

Doors-off flying is available with warmer temperatures or for photographic flights. All belongings must be stowed under the seats of the aircraft. Cameras must be secured to passengers at all times.

Passengers must be at least two years of age and weigh at least 25 pounds, but no more than 300 pounds. Combined weight of three passengers not to exceed 600 pounds.

We will attempt to honor seat requests, however, the pilot may make seat assignments based on passenger weights, mobility and whose birthday we are celebrating.

KiwiAir does not fill empty seats on your flight with other passengers. The flight is yours! So bring your family and/or friends to share the experience.

No passenger should fly who is susceptible to: mental illness; motion sickness; ear, lung, or other health issues which may be aggravated by flight in a helicopter. Those who are susceptible to motion sickness and wish to fly should inform the pilot during the pre-flight passenger briefing. We will tell you what to expect during the flight and adjust our flying habits to help you feel more comfortable. Flight in a helicopter is generally smoother than in a small plane (and jet boat).

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R44 helicopter seats pilot and up to three passengers on helicopter tours into Hells Canyon and along the Snake River.

The R44 allows for a pilot plus up to three passengers. Window seats for all! (No one get's stuck in the middle.)



The Robinson R44 helicopter is extremely reliable and very cost efficient as far as helicopter flights go. While other companies may fly more expensive helicopters, they will also fill the other seats with passengers you don't know in an attempt to cover operating costs while keeping the per person rate reasonable. With KiwiAir, you fly with the people you want to fly with, and everyone has a window seat.

While most tour companies do not reveal their rates along with length of flight, we gladly will share ours with you.


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15 min $180.00
20 min $240.00
30 min $320.00
45 min $450.00
60 min $600.00
75 min $750.00
90 min $900.00
120 min $1,200.00
Charter Rate per Hour $600.00

*Amount billed is bases on Hobbs meter (odometer), or flight time.
  Prices do not include Washington state taxes.